Just a Little Further


I’m Marcie Connelly-Lynn. My husband, David and I have lived aboard our Liberty 458 cutter-rigged sailboat since 2000. Our goal is to sail around the world ever so slowly, seeing and experiencing as much as there is to see and experience along the way. We invite you to come with us.

Living on a boat gives us a different perspective on travel. We’re able to visit places that are inaccessible for many. We spend lots of time at sea, but we make the most of our land time, too. We’re not on a 2-week vacation. This is our lifestyle. We tend to linger in places, sometimes as long as a year or more. We can immerse ourselves into communities and cultures, gleaning a different understanding of the people we meet and the places we visit.

I’ve written extensively about our travels. It’s my passion…traveling and writing about it. I love talking about our experiences and sharing what we’ve seen and learned. Sometimes it’s the trivial side of things or boat chores or something that’s caught my fancy. Other times it’s watching the Sydney fireworks on New Year’s Eve or staring up at a moai on Easter Island or into the face of a giant tortoise in the Galapagos Islands.

I’ve always kept a diary, done passage notes and maintained a photo journal. A couple of years ago, we started a small website to post our photos and I began doing an informal blog, mostly for fellow sailors we met along the way and family. It wasn’t until a chance conversation with our niece, Gentry, that I ever considered doing something more formal. She’s the gal responsible for this and I thank her.

My stories, anecdotes and articles have appeared in several magazines including Ocean Navigator, Cruising World and Caribbean Compass. While my writing concentrates primarily on destination pieces, David writes more about the how-to issues of getting things done on a boat and his work appears in Good Old Boat and Ocean Navigator.

Why “Just a Little Further”?

It’s like the old saying…how do you eat an elephant? A little at a time.

It’s the same thing with sailing or with any big challenge that you set for yourself. We began living aboard and sailing with minimal previous experience. We read lots; we researched; we took lessons; we practiced. Nothing is like the real thing though and sometimes it was daunting.

Our first big passage was across the Gulf of Mexico from Kemah, Texas to St. Petersburg, Florida. Compared to the sailing we’ve done since then, it’s a fairly short passage. At the time, it was huge.

We’ve found that if we concentrate on little challenges, we’re better able to handle the big ones when they arise.

If we’d said from the beginning that our intent was to circumnavigate the world, go around Cape Horn, sail the Patagonian Canals, sail to Australia, I think I would have bowed out. But we didn’t think like that. We said we’d sail and live aboard as long as it was fun. Our first goal was to get across the Gulf of Mexico to Florida. We did it. Then up the East Coast of the US…then to the Bahamas and the Caribbean…and then through the Panama Canal…and then…

and a half a world away from where we started, still taking one passage at a time and going just a little further…



I’m Gentry Anderson.  I am the above mentioned niece of David and Marcie.  I have been reading their blog for years.   I am also an avid blog reader on many other subjects that relate to my life.  You know…mom blogs, personal finance blogs, design blogs, homeschool blogs.  I love the cheap and free advice and entertainment.  So being an avid blog reader, I kept thinking about all the ways that my Aunt and Uncle could make their blog better and therefore more available for people to read.  After all, their blog already had many elements of a great blog…good writing, good stories and one very small good picture per post.  Fast forward to a chance trip to visit my Mom and Grandmother in Las Vegas while Aunt Marcie and Uncle David happened to be there and I had an opportunity to tell them what I thought about their blog.  It turns out that living on a boat and sailing around the world can limit internet access and they only had one reliable and limited way to post a daily blog.  Therefore, all of my brilliant ideas on how they could make their blog better were meaningless.  Unless…

So here I am in New Mexico…totally landlocked…staycationing…helping my husband through nursing school…homeschooling my two daughters and doing my very best to take all the awesome pictures and words my Aunt sends when she can and make them into a beautiful blog for your enjoyment.  I hope you love following David and Marcie on their journey as much as I have!



A big thanks to John Santic, a close friend and a knowledgeable guy. He’s provided lots of good input and insight into making this blog better and more visually pleasing. We figure if we put his picture on this page and say nice things about him, he’ll continue to work with us.