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Signs of Namibia

I’ve been collecting signs since we arrived in Namibia. As I’ve said before, they’re fun to collect AND they don’t take up any room on the boat. Although … the captain has been trying to convince me that digital “photons” do add up and tend to weigh down the hard drives. Hmmm …

Here’s our Namibian sign collection …

humorous warning sign in namibia

Someone in the desert had a fine sense of humor and turned a cattle guard sign into a tortoise warning. Saw neither cattle nor tortoise, but we were on the lookout


serious beware of dog warning

These Luderitzbuchters are serious about security … in three languages, no less!


dont store rubber ducks

I understand not dumping oil or refuse and I wouldn’t consider storing my hoses ashore, but don’t get in the way of me and my rubber duck. Actually, they’re not referring to Ernie’s yellow duckie; inflatable dinghies are called rubber ducks here.



We saw this sign posted in the Luderitz Yacht Club


talk to my lawyer

This young fellow sits under this awning on the sidewalk every day. Really? If you needed legal help you’d consult him? Lawyers! Some truths are universal. (no insult intended to all our lawyer friends … and our daughter-in-law).

I’ve filed the following two pics in the understatement department …

kolmanskop warning



diaz point

Diaz Point


animal crossing signs in namibia

Animals are everywhere. Love these signs.


namibia desert signs collage

And then there are the usual desert warning signs.


nos sand or snakes in namibia

I wasn’t too worried about the sand, but believe me I made sure the door was closed behind me when I went to the Ladies’ Room.

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