Renaming a Boat - Pt. 2

rainbow over nine of cups  

And then the renaming ...

Our nameless vessel waited patiently in her berth for her new name, so she could begin her life with us. With all the solemnity he could muster, David began.

“This vessel has come to us and we accept her with joy and gratitude. She is strong and proud and we pray she will keep us safe. We, in turn, will keep her sound and protect her from harm to the best of our abilities.

Mighty Neptune, king of all that moves on the waves and mighty Aeolus, guardian of the winds and all that blows before them: we humbly give you thanks and ask that you accept this vessel as we rededicate her with her new name, Nine of Cups. We commend her to your domain in the full knowledge that she shall be subject to the immutable laws of the gods of wind and sea. We ask that you bless her and grant her safe passage and fair winds.

We rename this vessel, Nine of Cups.”

With those final words, David poured champagne over Cups' bow and dedicated the rest of the bottle to Neptune. All additional bottles were consumed by the folks on the dock. The sign painter came that very afternoon and painted her new name on the transom. Lucky boat … lucky crew. Thank you, Neptune.


sailing off into the sunset


Forgive the photos. They're nearly 14 years old taken with one of the first digital cameras we ever owned. I did not take the photos of Neptune nor the burning Viking boat.