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Hi there! We’re David and Marcie Lynn and we lived aboard our Liberty 458 cutter-rigged sailboat, Nine of Cups, from 2000 - 2018. We are not any of those famous, courageous sailing couples whom you might have heard or read about. No, we're just two people who decided to sail off into the sunset with no particular destination in mind and certainly no desire to sail around the world. Instead, we endeavored to see and experience as much as we could wherever the wind, our imaginations and our budget would take us. What began as a desire to travel slowly and economically at our own pace ended up an adventure of a lifetime. We completed our rounding of the great southern capes and our circumnavigation of the world on April 1, 2015. We slowly made our way back to the USA in 2017 and decided it was time to try something new.

 Living on a boat for nearly two decades has given us a different perspective on travel. We had the opportunity to visit places that are inaccessible for many, like Pitcairn Island, Easter Island and Tristan da Cunha. We spent lots of time at sea, but we made the most of our land time, too. We weren’t on a 2-week vacation. We tended to linger in places, sometimes as long as a year or two. We tried to immerse ourselves into communities and cultures, gleaning a different understanding of the people we met and the places we visited. This became and remains our lifestyle.

We've written extensively about our travels.  We love talking about our experiences and sharing what we’ve seen and learned. Sometimes it’s the trivial side of things like chores or something that’s caught our fancy. Or perhaps it’s watching the Sydney fireworks on New Year’s Eve or staring up at a Moai on Easter Island or into the eyes of a giant tortoise in the Galapagos Islands or a bison in North Dakota.

Marcie has always kept a journal, done passage notes and maintained a photo library. A couple of years ago, we started a small website to post our photos and then began doing an informal blog, mostly for family and fellow sailors we met along the way. It wasn’t until a chance conversation with our niece, Gentry, that we ever considered doing something more formal. We began our Just A Little Further blog on October 12th, 2012 … Columbus Day, an appropriate day, it seemed, for launching a new project. Gentry was the inspiration for JustALittleFurther.com and we thank her.

Our sailing stories, anecdotes and articles have appeared in several magazines including Ocean Navigator, Good Old Boat, Cruising World, Cruising Helmsman and Caribbean Compass. While Marcie's writing concentrates primarily on destination pieces, David writes more about the how-to issues of handling, maintaining and repairing a boat. Several of these are available on our Publications page.

More recently, David’s ‘Blue View’ blogs have been geared towards van upfits and maintenance and Marcie’s destination pieces have concentrated on our van travels in Blue and our newest passion, long distance trekking.

So, after nearly 90,000 miles under the keel, 5 continents, 5 Great Southern Capes, 36 countries and almost two decades later, still taking one passage at a time and going just a little further.

Thanks for sharing the ride. We love the company!

Slow travel is easy on a sailboat. Here are our passage routes since leaving Kemah, TX in 2000.

Slow travel is easy on a sailboat. Here are our passage routes since leaving Kemah, TX in 2000.

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