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Why “Just a Little Further”?

It’s like the old saying … how do you eat an elephant? A little at a time. It’s the same philosophy with sailing, upfitting and traveling in a van or starting out on a big trek. For that matter, it’s the same with any big challenge in life that you set for yourself. Take things one little step at a time and you can accomplish most anything. We began living aboard and sailing with minimal previous experience. We never upfitted a van or lived the van life before. We certainly never hiked long distances. We read lots; we researched; we prepared. Nothing is like the real thing though. The first time for anything can be frightening, but exhilarating and satisfying at the same time. The more you do something, the more confident you become and the better you are at it.

We’ve found that if we concentrate on little challenges, we’re better able to handle the big ones when they arise. If we’d said from the beginning that our intent was to circumnavigate the world, go around the five Great Southern Capes, and cross mighty oceans, perhaps we would have reconsidered. But we don’t think like that. Instead, we’ve always agreed that we’d sail or, more recently, travel the road in a van or trek great trails, as long as it was fun. We set small goals and before we knew it, we’d sailed around the world or vanned it across the USA or walked a couple hundred miles along England’s longest river. It’s easy … just a little further each day.

A Taste of Our Travels

Click on a region of the interactive map below for just a sample of our nearly two decades of travel.  Please note that while we are in the process of transitioning to our new website, you may be linked to our old Nine of Cups website. Come back here frequently to see the progress we've made.

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