North America ... Home Sweet Home

We have visited many exotic and wonderful places throughout the world, and loved them all - well, most of them anyway. But you know what? Whenever we return to the USA and the immigration official, after checking our bonafides, says "Welcome Home", we still get a little choked up.

Throughout our years of traveling the world, we've always returned "home" to the USA when practical and we were never disappointed. We've driven and flown from sea to shining sea innumerable times and stopped at hundreds of places in between. We have always been awed by what we see. We've visited each of the 50 states and many of the Canadian provinces and we plan to spend more time in the USA, Canada and Mexico in the future. So much to see ... so little time.



North American Facts & Trivia ...

  • With an area of  9.5 million sq mi, North America is the world's third largest continent and accounts for 16.5% of the Earth’s total land area.
  • Here's one I'll bet you didn't know ... North America is comprised of 23 countries! Yes, 23! In addition to Canada, the USA and Mexico, all of Central America is considered part of the North American continent. And so is Greenland, Bermuda and all the Caribbean countries.
  • The "Americas" are named after Italian explorer, Amerigo Vespucci, the first European who thought that the Americas were independent land masses and not the East Indies, as had previously been assumed. 
  • Highest point: Mount McKinley in Alaska at 20, 237 ft above sea level.
  • Lowest point: Death Valley in the Mojave Desert, California. Death Valley is also the driest and hottest spot in North America. 

Though geographically the North American continent includes more than Canada, the USA and Mexico, we'll concentrate on those three countries here and allow you to explore Central America and the Caribbean on separate pages. Keep in mind that this is an ever-expanding project and as we visit more places and countries, you'll be among the first to know!  Please note that while we make the transition to our new website, you may be directed to the old Nine of Cups website. Check back frequently to view new destinations and see our progress. 


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