Happy 5th Birthday, Just a Little Further


Though we posted irregularly on SailBlogs since 2009, Gentry posted our very first blog on the JustALittleFurther.com site on October 12, 2012 … Columbus Day … a fitting day of discovery. If you’re from up North, it’s also Canada’s official Thanksgiving Day and this crew has lots to be thankful for. Gentry backtracked and posted a few old SailMail posts prior to 10/12/2012, but that’s the official start date … five years ago today. Seems like forever ago.

Since that first blog, we’ve shared ~1,580 posts with you on every topic you can imagine ... from sailing to South Africa … from spiders to super heroes. We’ve laughed and cried, been ecstatic and seasick, repaired stuff, replaced stuff, ate, drank and celebrated. You’ve shared it all with us.

As we turn the Nine of Cups page to a new chapter with Blue, we hope you’ll stick around for more tales and commentary. There might not be oceans involved, but we’re looking forward to lots of new adventures.

In the meantime, here’s the very first blog post on JALF. Nothing too exciting, but it was the start of something good.  Columbus Day - October 12, 2012