Home again … but will it be the same after Cups?

Nine of Cups greets me on a misty morning on the river.

Nine of Cups greets me on a misty morning on the river.

At oh-dark-thirty in pelting rain, Lin drove me to T F Green Airport on the west side of Providence to catch my 0620 Southwest flight to Norfolk. David remarked he was glad there was rain in the forecast on my return since he wouldn’t be missing precious work time on the deck when he came to pick me up. I had to fish for the compliment in that statement, but he assured me it was there.

I spent the flight time writing … not blogs, but lists of things to do on Cups. Hard to believe, but yes, I have to-do lists, too, and I’ve had the “guilties” all week as David toiled and I didn’t share in it. I’ve had lots of time for thinking during my long walks this past week. Though I’ve enjoyed the recent “me” time, the best time of all is heading home to David and Cups. Home! I’ve been wondering how our lives will change once Nine of Cups belongs to someone else and we begin traveling full time in Blue. It took me awhile for Cups to become “home, but she did. Perhaps it will be the same with Blue though I’ll miss the lap of the water on the hull, the smell of the sea and being gently rocked to sleep.

And then we were landing in Norfolk and David was welcoming me with a bright bouquet of autumn flowers and smiles and hugs and kisses, and I figured, if home is where the heart is, I’ll be home wherever we are.


Okay … schmaltzy, schmaltzy, schmaltzy … right? I figure I’m entitled to a bit of schmaltz once in awhile … we’ll be back to deck work, varnishing and boat projects starting tomorrow … no schmaltz there. Come to think of it, there won’t be any deck work or varnishing on Blue, will there? His anchor won’t drag in the middle of the night and we won’t have to delay a trip for days due to wind direction or tides. This might work out just fine.