The Journey from There to Here

Our recent get-together with Gentry in Albuquerque gave us a new perspective for sharing our sailing and travel experiences. Having finished our circumnavigation and returned to the USA, we found ourselves in the doldrums. We couldn't figure out what to do next. Was the adventure over? Did we have anything more to share?

Gentry asked how we got from A to B … from here to there or more aptly, from there to here … from corporate America to living full time aboard a sailboat and traveling around the world. When we started to reminisce and explain, she said “Don't tell me. Share it with your JALF readers. That's what you need to write about.” We forget that not everyone has been sailing with us for the past 17 years. We sometimes take for granted that what might interest our readers is kind of usual for us. Though it's certain that many of you are only contemplating living aboard or perhaps have never lived on a boat and never plan to, our unusual lifestyle still has its appeal. It's certainly a different way of cruising through life.

It's sometimes hard to determine if we're writing a sailing blog or a travel blog. I think its both and more. Our Just A Little Further philosophy translates to every lifestyle and to every life. If you can dream it and want it, you can make it so … one little step at a time.

Sure, we've provided random posts on life aboard and challenges midst our destination blogs and BV how-to's, but we've never done it in a logical, cohesive way that allows our readers to know where we came from and the paths we chose that allowed us to end up where we are. We've never really provided the “how” or the “why”, just the end result ... “here we are”.

So … for the foreseeable future (which for us sailors might be a couple weeks … or a year), we plan to talk each week about the journey that took us from corporate America to sailing off into the sunset and then around the world. In this ongoing series, we'll discuss the dream, how we turned the dream into reality and how we traded land life for a life at sea. We'll share the good stuff as well as the bad … what we did right and what we did wrong and the learning process that continues today. After all, it's life. It may not be perfect, but it's always an adventure.

Stay tuned. Whether you're already a cruiser, an armchair sailor, a wanna be world traveler or comfortable at home reading about our exploits, we think you'll enjoy what's to come.

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