Nine of Cups is For Sale

We know this will be quite a shock to many of you, but after nearly 18 years aboard, sailing around the world on our pride and joy, we have decided to move to land and sell Nine of Cups. Our Liberty 458 cutter is a sound and fit girl that we've been refitting a little at a time in all those exotic places we've visited. We've crossed six oceans, numerous seas and racked up nearly 90,000 nautical miles … and now it's time for us to begin a new adventure.

She is currently moored at the Atlantic Yacht Basin in Chesapeake, VA, where we'll spend the next couple of months sprucing her up and taking care of a few issues. We plan to sail her to Florida in late fall, find a good broker to watch over her and officially put her on the market.

noc underway.JPG

In the coming weeks, I'll list all her features, additions and other good stuff. I'll present the list of areas that need attention, and what we plan to repair before putting her on the market. Most of the anticipated work is cosmetic at this point – lots of varnish and paint – but there are a few repairs needed as well. The goal is to get her in pristine shape again, ready for extended cruising, whether the new owner plans to head to the Carib or Cape Horn.

We just had a survey done and the valuation was set at $165,000, which is the price for which we'll offer her once she's in Florida. Take a nickel tour here.

If anyone is interested in buying Cups while we're still here, however,we are willing to offer her for substantially less. Send us a message on FB Messenger or contact us via our email at nineofcups1 at


This has not been an easy decision, but we feel it's the right decision. After nearly 20 years aboard, it's time to move on … just a little further … to our next adventure.

Outside View.jpg