Tips for Well-Being … Body & Spirit

We’ve been going through a whole battery of medical visits since we’ve been back in Las Vegas. There were the annual physicals and lab tests and I’m happy to report all is good including blood pressure, cholesterol, etc, etc, etc. Because we’re ‘baby boomers’, I asked to be checked for Hep C since that’s not checked in the usual blood labs. Results were fine. Then there was the optometrist … eyes are good, no lens changes. We had hearing tests last Fall … sometimes selective hearing loss occurs, but otherwise, all good. We’re scheduled for a few more screening tests that I need not specify, but we anticipate all will be fine since we have no complaints other than the usual minor aches and pains associated with our ages and just living.

Nothing like a rip-snortin' good sister laugh to get the endorphins flowing!

Nothing like a rip-snortin' good sister laugh to get the endorphins flowing!

While waiting in a doctor’s office the other day … waiting (what a surprise!) … a digital screen presentation in the room caught my eye … ‘Tips for well-being’ . With all the political divisiveness and tragedy lately, I thought I’d share these tips with you. We could all use a little well-being in body and spirit!

1. Laugh

Laughing releases endorphins that make you feel good and give you a sense of well-being. It reduces stress and helps your immune system be more effective, among other things. There’s nothing like a good belly laugh or an uncontrollable, nearly-pee-your-pants laugh shared with people you enjoy. Lin and I share at least one ‘sister laugh’ each time we’re together which involves snorting, loss of breath and yes, sometimes peeing our pants. There’s lots of laughter in our house lately and it’s all good.

2. Stay active

Find an exercise that's right for you!

Find an exercise that's right for you!

According to the Mayo Clinic and several other sources, adults should exercise at least 2.5 hours a week of moderate activity. And you’re thinking if you’re an “older” adult, you’re probably exempt? Sorry … you require the same amount of exercise as every other adult. Walking counts. We’ve been trying to walk at least 10,000 steps (almost 5 miles) every day. We really do feel better because of it.




3. Keep a journal

Keeping a journal helps to sort out problems and put them into perspective PLUS it's a way to stimulate a failing memory!

Keeping a journal helps to sort out problems and put them into perspective PLUS it's a way to stimulate a failing memory!

Hmmm … I’ve been doing this forever and never knew it was good for me. I keep a journal to chronicle travels and projects, record my goals and document my ideas, thoughts and feelings. Sometimes writing things down, help me to clarify and sort out situations and emotions that have me stymied and stressed. I highly recommend it. Not to mention, it helps me remember stuff that I would have otherwise forgotten.

4. Learn something new everyday

Nothing keeps me more stimulated than researching a trip we’re planning or finding out about a new book to read or playing a rousing game of speed Scrabble, or discovering a you-tube DIY project that I’d like to try. I thought this tip for well-being was a particularly good one in that it suggested everything from trying a new recipe, to visiting a museum or an art gallery or a park or maybe doing a crossword puzzle or Sudoku, or just learning a new word. With so many freebies on the internet these days, there’s always something new to learn. We just need to take advantage.

5. Eat well

Eating nutritiously is probably a given, but it’s sometimes hard to manage. With so many ‘diets’ out there for losing weight, I personally prefer a ‘diet’ that I can live with all the time. I practice a low-carb diet, high in fruits and veggies, no red meat at all any more … mostly chicken and fish and, of course, wine. It’s probably a morph of a modified South Beach diet and a Mediterranean diet. I don’t really know and I’m not advocating these particular diets, but rather eating healthy and "all things in moderation". Do I splurge and fall off the wagon sometimes? Absolutely, you should have seen me pigging out over the holidays. But I’m back to eating healthy again with less snacking and I feel better for it.

These were the five tips suggested in the short, informational, interrupted presentation I watched. Checking on the internet, I found lots of other well-being tips like connecting with family and friends regularly, meditating, getting enough sleep, giving back to community and … wait for this one … limiting your time on social media. I think there was probably more to learn, but the doctor arrived. BAH!