Time to Ditch Your Resolutions?

ditch your resolutions day.jpg

January 17th is fast approaching. It’s time to decide if the resolutions you made are attainable and if you’re still interested in keeping them. An article I read indicates that most folks fall off the resolutions wagon by January 12th. If you didn’t make any resolutions, you’re off the hook.

I always make New Year’s resolutions. Actually, I prefer to call them goals. I try to reflect on last year’s positives and successes (as well as the negatives and my not-so-successful endeavors), then determine what I can do in the new year to achieve the goals I’ve set for myself. My 2019 list was pretty cut and dried and to date - I feel I’m on track.

I’m on Chapter 6 of the first draft of my new book, tentatively titled ‘Las Vegas for Non-Gamblers’. We’ve discovered so much to see and do in and around this city that has nothing to do with gambling. This book is for those like-minded folks, as well as those who like to gamble, but might need a break or want to experience a different side of Las Vegas. The book has been in the works for a couple of years and this year, I intend to make it so. Look for it before we leave for the Via Francigena walk.

The Blue upfit project list is on-hold until we plan and do our ‘big walk’. We’ve talked about him a bit, but he’ll have to wait till this autumn to get some attention. At least that’s the plan-du-jour and it’s a definite goal.

francigena icon-jalf.jpg

Learning Italian has been an easy goal for me. I love languages and learning a new one that I’ll soon be able to use, practicing daily, increasing my skills and hopefully attaining at least minimal fluency is well within reach. Italia arriviamo! I figure our English is good enough for the English portion of our walk and I’ll brush up on my French in early April before we leave.

Along with learning Italian, we’ve been making plans for the actual trip and walk. While David has ordered several guides and is planning the route, trip legs and accommodation possibilities, I’ve been scouting out economical, convenient plane tix to London and departure from Rome. Beyond this, we’re not sure if we will need an extension on our Schengen visa. The initial 90-day visit to the Schengen states is not a problem for US citizens, but extending beyond the 90 days if necessary, might be a problem. I’ve gotten in touch with the Italian consulate in Los Angeles to figure out our options. So far, no resolution. The 1,100+ mile walk is a stretch to complete in 90 days especially since we’d like to plan to take a few days rest here and there along the way.

The website conversion from the old Nine of Cups' site … hmmm … I’m not ready to ditch this resolution yet, but it’s a dilemma as to whether I spend my time writing blogs, writing the book or working on the website itself. Right now, blog writing and the book have taken precedence. We’ve done well so far at keeping the website up to date, at least as far as the ‘Trekking’ page goes. It’s quite a task to do the entire conversion, however.

Being kinder, more patient, more tolerant...I’m working on it...I’m working on it.

More water, less wine? Gone on January 2nd … why waste time and wait till ditch day?