Fit as Fiddles and Ready to Rock


It was time for our annual physicals the other day, something we rarely did when we were on the boat and now do faithfully each year. The difference, of course, is that we now have medical insurance (Medicare) and while we were on the boat, all medical expense was out-of-pocket. Skinflints, or should I say careful spenders, that we’ve always been, unless we had a reason to head to a doctor, we rarely went.

Our insurance is through United Healthcare Medicare Focus® and Southwest Medical Associates, a local physician medical group, is our PPO. Southwest Medical boasts 200 practicing physicians, 19 specialties, 29 locations and works with 90+ insurance companies. They aim to please and quite honestly, they do.


A Southwest Medical ‘associate’ contacted us and told us it was time for our yearly physicals. She scheduled both of our appointments together with the same Nurse Practitioner, a guy we’ve seen for the past three years running and like very much. She also scheduled all of our lab tests in advance so they could be reviewed before our visit. Medicare allows an annual physical at no charge each calendar year. Easy-peasy..

Not really…David’s as fit as a fiddle, too!

Not really…David’s as fit as a fiddle, too!

After the usual bit of poking and prodding, we were proclaimed ‘healthy as horses’. Oh, there’s still more to come. The poking and prodding will continue intermittently for another month or so. We have dental appointments and vision and hearing tests scheduled and then there’s my annual mammo (TMI? Sorry!)

We are both feeling good. We take no meds, exercise regularly and eat healthy. That said, it’s nice to have it validated once a year, especially before heading out for our upcoming four month trek. We realize we are fortunate and blessed with our good health. For us, life is good and we plan to live it to the fullest.

What about you? Time for a check-up?