Blue View – Via Fatigue

This week’s Blue View was scheduled to be a fun blog on riding the rails in Italy, but unfortunately, I’m nowhere near done on it. We’ve been trying to make up lost time on our schedule, and we’ve now trekked eleven straight days on the Via Francigena, all but two of which were 15+ miles days, without a break.

We’re up most days before dawn and on the trail early. By the end of the day, after we’ve trekked, found our night’s lodging, showered, washed our skivvies, shirts and socks and hung them up to dry, eaten dinner, figured out our next day’s route, made reservations for the next night, and worked on our blogs, we’re totally exhausted.

So, we’re taking tomorrow off. Sleeping in late, catching up on our writing and doing some route planning are all on the agenda. I also plan to see whether it’s possible to overdose on carbs… pasta and gelato are definitely on the menu.

See you next week with that train blog.