Blue View – Summer Reruns

We’re now all caught up on our Via Francigena blogs and website updates, and our attention is turning to other things. We plan to spend much of September continuing the upfit of Blue, our 2015 Ford Transit cargo-van-to-camper conversion. We’re also close to deciding on our next trekking adventure, and while it probably won’t be as long as the VF, it should be every bit as interesting. If we can fit it in, we’re hoping to hike a 75-100 mile section of the Arizona Trail when it gets a little cooler in this part of the world. And finally, we’ll be heading to the Balloon Fest in Albuquerque in early October on the start of another cross-country road trip in Blue.

So, there’s all kinds of fun blog material coming up. In the meantime, we could write about all the exciting day-to-day stuff we’re doing now, like doctor’s appointments and the hot temperatures here in Las Vegas, but we have a better idea… summer reruns!

Marcie and I are searching through the last seven years of blogs, picking out our favorites, and we’ll re-blog them over the next month. Hopefully, you’ll find them interesting and fun.

This week, I am revisiting one of my favorite Blue Views that talks about a little known phenomenon related to ‘ocean flatulence’. Just click on the highlighted link. Hope you enjoy it.

We’ll return to the new season of blogs in October. Enjoy the reruns until then.