Reminiscing - Namibia


My mom was watching a nature program on TV the other day featuring Namibia. She seemed to remember we'd been there. I opened up the computer and showed her our pix of Namibia which, of course, led to reminiscing a bit about our time there.

Friends John & Shawn on Active Transport just sailed into Walvis Bay recently. Other friends, Steve and Linda, sailed there decades ago. We cheated when we were there. We left the boat in Cape Town at the Royal Cape YC and Jelly with friends and drove to Namibia for an outstanding inland travel trip. No worrying about the boat; no major time constraints. What an adventure.




There was so much to see and do, we were nearly overwhelmed. The highlight was Etosha National Park. A wildlife sanctuary where the humans overnight in a fenced oasis and the animals roam free outside.




We could hear the growls, grunts and roars all through the night. A lighted watering hole with a blind for observers provided a great 3am sortie to watch the animals come to water.




We drove through the legendary Kalahari Desert and climbed monumental dunes in the Namib Desert.


desert meets ocean


We followed the route along the Skeleton Coast, noted for its many shipwrecks.




It was the animals we saw, however, that we enjoyed the most. Lions and zebras and giraffes, oh, my … and so many more … all in their own element. An amazing experience. Reminiscing just makes us want to go back for more.

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