A to B - Adelaide to Boston...what's going on?

From a to b  

Since David is in Adelaide and I'm on the other side of the world in Boston presently, it's been a challenge keeping in sync. The 15-1/2 hour time difference definitely poses some problems. We talk to each other twice a day via Skype. His morning is my afternoon; my morning is his evening. It's crazy, but somehow, with concerted effort, it's working.

Internet, especially Skype, has made long range communication pretty easy. David is currently working on replacing countertops in the galley and updating our refrigeration. Something he's wanted to do for ages. He wanted my input on the countertop selection (wise man, huh?). I went to Home Depot here in Massachusetts and found Formica and Wilsonart samples I liked. I gave David the names of what I liked and he, in turn, went to the local Bunnings in Adelaide and was able to order the chosen material. How easy was that?

While David is doing boat projects, I'm spending lots of time with my Mom and sister. My Mom is still very weak, but is hanging in. She's in a Rehab facility trying hard to regain her strength and mobility, but it's a tough uphill battle. She tires easily and is frustrated and impatient with her slow progress. I find myself on the other side of the coin now encouraging her. It seems like yesterday when I was frustrated learning to tie my shoes and she encouraged me to keep at it and I'd eventually succeed. (I think I was around 24 when I finally got it right.)

It's cold here in Massachusetts. Days are short and gray. While David is sweating in the late Adelaide summer, I'm freezing my buns off at the tail end of a New England winter. There's still plenty of snow on the ground and it doesn't seem to be melting. I've borrowed t-necks and heavy sweaters and parkas from Lin. I'm wearing flannel Pjs, socks and an undershirt to bed under a mountain of quilts and blankets while David has the fan going and throws off the sheet during the night to keep cool.

Being 24x7 together for most of the past 13 years, it's been a hard adjustment being apart. It'll make the reunion in a another few weeks all the sweeter.