A to B - Continental Drift

Things are moving slowly … on both continents. It's kind of like continental drift.  

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Down under in Adelaide, if you've been keeping up with David's Blue Views, he has been sweating bullets and working at removing the old refrigeration system and insulation and beginning to replace and then re-install it (and brewing beer in his spare time). It's a very big project, but with me out of the way, I think it moves faster since there's no one there to distract the captain nor whine about the mess. He's having his challenges, but he seems to be making progress forward … always a good sign. Expect a Blue View blog update soon.


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On the North American continent here in Boston, things have been moving at a snail's pace. For the first couple of weeks, I spent a few hours each day with my mom visiting, chatting, encouraging. In Rehab, she was frustrated with trying to re-learn simple things like standing up, dressing and walking … things that she's been doing for over 8-1/2 decades. She's always been independent and her patience level with having to work at these basic tasks and wait for assistance is still minimal. Now I know where my impatience gene came from!

We have decided that bringing her home to her apartment is the best option for her. Jelly and I will move in with her and eventually David will join us. My sister, Lin, and her family live close and between all of us, we think we can give her the care she needs.

It's the first day of Spring here in the northern hemisphere. A time of rebirth and renewal. I refer to this as “vita rumpo” ... life interrupted … a little side trip when life interrupts what you're doing.

Days and Ways to Celebrate
A daily list of mostly obscure holidays and fun ways to celebrate them.
Snowman Burning Day
It's time to burn the snowman effigy. It's the vernal equinox in the north...Spring's here. Autumnal equinox for you downunders.
Festival of Extraterrestrial Abductions Day
You missed the International UFO Congress unfortunately. It was earlier in February this year, but it's not too early to plan for next year OR you could subscribe to their Open Minds magazine OR watch a good alien flick at home. I'd go for the flick myself.