Adelaide to Boston - A new home port

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On the A side … in Adelaide, South Australia

Work continues slowly, but surely on the refrigeration upgrade and new counter tops for Nine of Cups. David is evaluating the timetable for the work left to be done, so we can start looking at airline tickets for him to join me in Boston. This has been a long separation for us and we look forward to a long awaited reunion. Look for another Blue View on his progress soon.


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On the B side … in Boston, USA

There's always some excitement and anticipation when we arrive at a new port and I guess this is no different. My mom came home a couple of days ago and I moved in with her. I'm actually living on land … in an apartment … with my Mom … and I've unpacked my suitcase. Wow!

Records are being broken here for snowfall and accumulation. So glad it was reserved for my time here. I love the freezing cold, treacherous, slippery sidewalks and gloomy skies.

Both Mom and I have had to make some adjustments. She's used to living alone with Jelly and not relying on anyone for personal help. For the past five years, Lin has done her laundry and her grocery shopping and provided a cribbage partner, but Mom has maintained her independence quite well. I, on the other hand, am not used to living on land and definitely not used to living without David. We're doing well enough though and I'm proud to say, we're acclimating to the changes quite nicely. No mother-daughter spats although it's only been a few days!

For the near term anyway, Massachusetts will be our new home port … sans Nine of Cups.

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