Adelaide to Boston - Calculations

making progress on the freezer  

On the A side (in Adelaide)...

David is finishing up the refrig/freezer project … really. Did we ever tell you how we calculate the time to finish a project on Nine of Cups? David meticulously lists all aspects of the project and determines the man hours necessary to complete each facet. He totals it all up and multiples by 2 … that's his best guess-timate. Marcie looks at that number and multiplies it by at least 2 again and that's usually closer to the amount of time it takes to complete the project.




That said, whether the project is done or not … we're in countdown mode until David leaves Adelaide for Boston in a couple of weeks.


medical equipment


On the B side (in Boston)...

Bea, Marcie's mom, continues to improve and to amaze those around her., including her doctors. Living with her has allowed me to witness her daily progress, her resilience, her strength and stamina. She's one feisty mama! It's also given me a chance to use some newer medical equipment. We are using TeleHealth which allows me to take SAO2 (% saturated oxygen levels in her blood), blood pressure and weight every morning … all automatically.


boarding passes


If David is counting the days on his side of world till he gets to Boston, I'm counting the minutes. It's the longest we've ever been separated in 30 years. Time for a reunion.

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