Becky's Big Move

new home smile  

We've been living in Las Vegas for over a month now while David's mom, Becky, recuperated from a nasty kidney infection and went through physical rehab following her hospitalization. It's been a long row to hoe for Becky, but at 96, she's tough and resilient and has come through with flying colors. It's time to make the big move into her new digs. Today was the day.

There's been much angst about the move. It's a major life change for Becky and the whole family, but all agree it's a good move. We'd already moved her comfy recliner and other furniture into her studio-sized apartment. Her favorite pictures have been hung on the wall and her clothes have all been neatly hung in the closet or folded in the drawers. Everything was ready … the only thing missing was Becky.


crossing the threshold


We waited impatiently as the rehab facility filled out massive volumes of paperwork, dispensed her meds and got releases from everyone from the janitor to President Obama. Becky was ready early, of course … just after 7am actually. We called … we waited … we called … we waited. By 11am, we finally drove over to try to speed things along. Finally, the big A-OK. She'd not been beyond the threshold of her room for over a month. With a big fanfare, David pushed her in her wheelchair over the threshold. At last … free. She said her goodbyes and off we toddled.

The move was pretty easy. The Bridge is located next door to rehab, so we wheeled her the short distance up the hill in the 100F+ heat and into her elegant new home. Just being outside in the sunshine, after more than a month of incarceration, was enough to heighten her spirits. She might be apprehensive about a new place, but breaking out of rehab was definitely reason to celebrate.


the trip over


The relief as she sat in her old recliner and the smile on her face confirmed we'd made the right choice.

You might wonder what this all has to do with living on a sailboat and sailing around the world. It really has everything to do with our lifestyle. It's part and parcel of the life we lead. Not everyday is sunny. Not all passages are calm. Family trumps a season of sailing. What was it John Lennon said? “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.”