Biding Our Time

  twiddling our thumbs

I mentioned yesterday that we were getting impatient … waiting, waiting, waiting. The house closing is still nearly a month away. Mary had decided to sell her house and is now waiting for a buyer. Nine of Cups is in need of some work and she, too, is waiting in Trinidad, thousands of miles away. Knowing that we've so much to do and can't dig into it is driving us nuts. It's like waiting for a weather window to sail to our next port!

There's work to be done at the new house before we move in, but of course, there's no access till we actually buy the place. Mary wants to pack up and get going, but she can't while her house is still being shown. Besides, other than piling boxes in the garage, there's no place to put them till we move. Unfortunately, we're also waiting for David's renewed passport to arrive, so our plan to work on Cups for a few weeks won't work. Poor Cups will have to be patient, too.

We take long walks and talk about all we have to do. We make lists. We provide and sign endless paperwork (sometimes the same thing five separate times) for the mortgage company. We write blogs about waiting. We've scheduled inspections and walk-throughs. We've done some window-shopping for furnishings, but no buying. David has sketched out the floor plan of the new house to scale and we're all trying to figure out what will go where, but until we're in, it's just an exercise. The days crawl by. We keep busy enough, but we all agree it's not productive busy; it's just busy-busy. Meals get cooked and eaten. Cleaning gets done. We try to keep our excitement in check. We're storing up energy for when it really matters. We feel like 5-year-olds, waiting for Christmas morning.

David is shopping for a used pick-up truck (a “ute” for our down-under friends...short for utility truck, for our non-down-under friends) to haul all the stuff we're waiting to haul. That has occupied much of his time (you know how guys are about researching vehicle purchases). I have no interest in a truck purchase whatsoever until, of course, I buy something for the new house that will require hauling.

So, here we are in mostly sunny Las Vegas, twiddling our thumbs, biding our time. Waiting, waiting, waiting.