60222_1435213517448_4395390_n copyA few days ago our daughter died. No warning … she just left us and our hearts are sad and empty. This is not the way things are supposed to go. Children do not die before their parents. Parents do not make funeral arrangements for their children. Casey Erin Lynn was 37 years old. She was a beautiful woman. Not just because she was our daughter … she was beautiful by anyone's standards. She had four children and she loved them dearly … C.J. (19), Taylor (17), Coleman (10) and Dylan (8), our grandchildren and for them, or us, life will never be the same.

She loved fun clothes, shoes, funky hats and getting dressed up in bizarre costumes for Hallowe'en. She was a spiritual person. She liked to write poetry. She was creative. She was taking courses in interior design and was proud of her progress. “Imagine! Dream of what could be.” This was her mantra. And now she is gone.

Goodbye, Casey. We love you. We dream of what could have been.