Farewell, Rebecca

Over the years, I've written many posts about David's Mom, Rebecca, including two recently which recounted celebrating her 99th birthday and our Hallowe'en celebration together. In high spirits, she spent a wonderful Thanksgiving with us just over a week ago and now … she is gone. rebecca at 99

It happened quickly and we are all stunned. She went into the hospital for a routine UTI, subsequently developed pneumonia and then we watched helplessly as her health quickly deteriorated, till finally her strong heart could beat no longer. All the sibs were there, gathered around her, holding her hand. We told stories and shared memories aloud. We whispered “I love yous” in her ear. We reassured her while all the while we were not so sure of anything ourselves.

She was a grand, grand woman … tough and strong, yet caring and compassionate. Who could have known looking at this frail 99-year-old woman that she'd been the first female sergeant in the Denver County Sheriff's Department, paving the way for other women to follow in her steps?

She raised four kids who provided her with 12 grandchildren, numerous great-grandchildren and even a few great-greats! What a legacy! She loved us and enriched us and now she is gone and our lives will never be quite the same. We are thankful for the many years we had with her and the sweet memories she leaves behind. Bye, Mom … know you're loved … and no more broccoli!