Visitors from Afar

Brennan and Hannah have arrived! Like me, they chose Emirates Air for their trans-Atlantic trip from Washington, DC to Durban, via Dubai … 15 hours with a short layover and another 7 hours and they were here. We met them at King Shaka International Airport (the name shouts Zulu and exotic South Africa, doesn't it?) and whisked them away to the Durban Marina and Nine of Cups. It's been awhile since we've had any guests aboard Nine of Cups. Being half way around the world tends to discourage folks from visiting, especially Americans who usually have short, two-week vacations. brennan and hannah arrive

Brennan and Hannah have visited us before … in Uruguay and Buenos Aires. They're good guests to have aboard … not to mention they're our kids! Both are familiar with sail boats and both are experienced travelers. They're adventurous and usually game for about anything … even hanging out with their parents. Heck, they went to Borneo on their honeymoon (parents not included).

brennab and hannah in uruguay

They were a bit jet-lagged on arrival. We had a light dinner aboard Nine of Cups and a couple of beers and they faded quickly. We tucked them in and let them sleep. We'd chatted in advance about possible things to do while they were here. A tour around Durban city and its Indian Ocean beaches was pretty mandatory. A self-guided drive through a nearby game park sounded good, of course. But the thing that was most appealing to them was a trip to the Drakensberg Mountains and up the treacherous Sani Pass, the only eastern entrance into the tiny, South Africa landlocked, little country known as the Kingdom of Lesotho. We put all our ideas on the itinerary and we'll start adventuring tomorrow.

lesotho map

I'm betting you'd like to come along and of course, you're welcome on this trip. Tomorrow's our tour of Durban … sights beyond the marina and the downtown shops. Wear your walking shoes.

By the way, Hannah and Brennan didn't need coaching, but if you're expecting guests that are not familiar with living on a sailboat, it's always a good idea to prepare them for their stay. Check out this blog on Guests Aboard we did awhile ago. If you're interested in our “What To Bring” and “Welcome Aboard Nine of Cups” tips for visitors, send us an e-mail and we'll send it out to you.