RAQ - Why do you blog?

marcie at computer  

RAQ? That's a “rarely” asked question versus frequently asked, but one that caught my attention.

In these days of “everyone has a blogsite”, I was kind of dumbfounded by the question until I realized that it wasn't meant to be critical, it was really a legitimate inquiry. It takes up a lot of time, requires a daily commitment and it puts your whole life out there for everyone to see. Why would you do it?

I'm a writer. I always have been a writer in one way or another. I've always kept journals. I've always written letters. To misquote Descartes: I think, therefore, I write. Most everything that you read in my blog posts evolves from thoughts that just fall out of my head and onto the page. Part of the pleasure I derive from living on a boat and traveling around the world comes from documenting and sharing the adventure. Granted, I'm just as apt to write about bugs, Vegemite and vinegar as I am to extol the splendors of Tahiti or Machu Picchu, but still, irrespective of the subject, I seem to be driven to get it down on “paper” and share it.

So, why do I do a blog … mostly because I can. David comes along for the ride … sometime reluctantly, but of late, more willingly.

Do you have a blog? Why?

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