Giving Thanks at Sea

wild turkeys in lins yard  

You know how on land, when there's a big storm and all the animals and birds hide out and then when the weather clears and the sun comes out, they all emerge in great numbers, chirping and chattering, just happy to be alive enjoying a beautiful day?? That's us today!

We're at sea for Thanksgiving, so we're modifying our menu a bit. No big tom turkeys have lighted on our solar panels and offered themselves up for dinner, so it's going to be pressure-canned chicken as the main. The broth will make a fine base for gravy. I've saved four potatoes for mashing and there's a butternut squash swinging in the hammock that's got "feast" written all over it. I'll make any Any Fruit Crisp for dessert with some whipped UHT cream on top. We'll celebrate in style and then celebrate again as soon as we arrive in Durban.

Since we do, indeed, have dinner taken care of, in the spirit of the day, here's  our list of things we're especially grateful for this year.

-We're grateful that the earth's surface is 70% water, giving us a pretty spectacular playground.

-We're grateful that all the things that went wrong on Nine of Cups this year were only inconveniences and not catastrophes.

-We're grateful that old farts like us are still healthy enough to sail around the world.

-We're grateful Neptune has shown favor on Nine of Cups and her crew for the past 14 years. We'll give him an extra tot of rum today.

-We're grateful that no matter what color, religion, or nationality the people we meet are, they're always welcoming and generous to us.

-We're grateful for our family and friends who love us and encourage us despite our unusual, alternative lifestyle.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Indian Ocean.