Happy First Anniversary Just A Little Further

On October 12th, Columbus Day, 2012, we published our first blog post on Just A Little Further. Though we've been blogging for years, it wasn't until a conversation with our niece, Gentry, that we opted to expand our readership and our reach by launching the Just A Little Further blogsite. Since then, we've blogged daily whether we're at sea aboard Nine of Cups, exploring King Island in the middle of the Bass Strait or photographing Mr. Potato Head in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. There's always something to write about. Not in any particular order, here's a sampling of our favorite blog posts this past year …


slaying dragons


Slaying Dragons - because that's what life is all about



Beginners Guide to Vegemite - It was a hoot writing it, trying it and doing the YouTube


ashley 2192


The Blue View - Knots - David's passion for knots and his admiration for Ashley shine through


epoxy nerd


The Blue View - Refrigeration part 2 – An example of how boat projects usually don't go quite as planned


weird little worm in shower


The Ick Factor – Sometimes the “real” side of cruising can be less than perfect


anakena view of cups


Magic Mysterious Enigmatic Easter Island – It's the most magic place we've ever been


captain snowball


Trusting Your Captain – because I do and this works on so many levels


buying melons in fiji


Frugal versus Cheap – because there's a big difference and you don't want to cross the line


south dakota


South Dakota - because Gentry read it and wanted to go back there. Good enough for me!




The Blue View - Edible Knot – because this is a knot I can get my arms (and mouth) around


washing at the river in vanuatu


FAQ - How do you do laundry aboard – another look at the “real” side of living aboard a sailboat


budget on the ipad


Cost of living on a boat - because so many people asked and so many responded

Do you have a favorite from this past year? Let us know what it is and why.

Tonight, we'll raise a glass to JALF and to our friends and readers. We love sharing with you, appreciate your feedback, and most of all, we like stretching our boundaries … just a little further.