Happy Holidays!

happy holidays Following is an excerpt from our 2014 Holiday Newsletter...

Marcie rejoined David in Port Adelaide, South Australia in early January 2014. We wasted no time getting Nine of Cups ready, but had a chance to get a taste of Adelaide before we left. We were off the dock  in mid-February, heading west. We sailed rather determinedly from port to port, waiting for a good jump-off point and weather window to cross the infamous Great Australian Bight which we did in March.

April found us coast-hopping through the Recherche Archipelago and along the southern coast of Western Australia. We rounded Cape Leeuwin, our fourth of the five Great Southern Capes. By early May, we were exploring Geographe Bay and headed into Mandurah for a planned haul-out. Mandurah turned out to be a safe and friendly haven for Nine of Cups when we returned to the States once again … both mums were ill.

We finally returned to Cups in early August and made a hasty departure for points north and finally west across the Indian Ocean.

As we end an old year and begin a new one, we have some decisions to make. We'll complete our circumnavigation and round the last of the Great Southern Capes in Cape Town in early 2015. Where to next?  Stay tuned. We'll see which way the wind blows us.

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