How Many Pies?

pies on thanksgiving  

Each year Lucy, Lin's mother-in-law, makes pies for Thanksgiving dinner. She's a great cook and a particularly good pie maker. Around November 1st, she begins asking each of us what pie we'd like this year for Thanksgiving. If she forgets to ask, we bring up the subject. This is an important aspect of the Thanksgiving holidays.

When I say “pies” in the US, by the way, we automatically think dessert, versus Australia and New Zealand and Britain where “beef and kidney” come to mind. I've already blogged about those pies. I'm talking dessert, here … so let there be no misunderstanding. I'm definitely talking dessert.


australian pies


This year Lin and I voted for coconut cream. David, of course, wanted pumpkin … it's traditional. Nick wanted cherry and Kerry wanted pecan. Bea likes apple best. Lucy usually throws in one or two extras for good measure. We've loaded up on fresh, heavy whipping cream and vanilla ice cream. Heaven forbid we go without on Thanksgiving.




Too much, maybe? Au contraire. On this day, in this house, after we give thanks, the big question is: How Many Pies?