Life after Black Friday?

I went shopping on Black Friday. I wasn't after any deals … well, maybe a few. I read all the ads for “Doorbuster Sales” and “Black Friday Specials”, but they didn't really interest me. The local Salvos (that's Salvation Army Thrift Store to you non-thrifters) was having a 50% off everything in the store sale. I like rummaging around to see what bargains I can find. There are two Salvos close by and I visited both of them. I netted six gold and white coffee mugs (Pier 1) to go with our eclectic gold and white china set (previously purchased at a thrift shop) plus six dessert plates, lots of holiday faux-greenery for house decorating purposes, a very stylish Abercrombie & Fitch pull-over sweater and a New York & Co. zip-up jacket. Total cost: $12.67. I didn't feel guilty in the least. salvation army haul

When I got back to the house, I found David and Paul busy in the back yard finishing up a rather elaborate planter project they've been struggling through. They were in need of a heavy-duty stapler and staples, so I went back out to Walmart of all places … on Black Friday. Oh, my! It was bedlam. Merchandise piled high in the aisles. Kamikaze shoppers raced around with carts crammed full of stuff. Children, obviously high on sugar, screamed and ran around unsupervised. Boxes torn open. Stuff laying on the floor, long-since trampled by frenzied consumers. Interminably, long lines at the registers. What had I gotten myself into?

I fought my way bravely to the tool department which was remarkably empty. There was the Stanley Heavy Duty Stapler I needed … behind locked glass doors. As luck would have it, I spotted a Walmart employee immediately who (you'll find this hard to believe) had the key, opened the door and presented me with my stapler and appropriate staples in two minutes flat. Flabbergasted by my luck, I stumbled in a daze to the front of the store to confront the check-out lines. Lo and behold, midst all the turmoil, I spotted what appeared to be an empty line. Could it be? Without skipping a beat, Mae checked me out in a flash and I was on my way back home in record time. I might add … cost of stapler and staples $24.46. Let's weigh the enjoyment factor of each purchase. Hmmmm … I win, hands down.

So what comes after Black Friday? Why, Cyber Monday, of course. That's today, but we're not shopping on-line nor otherwise. And after that? Countdown to Christmas. We're heading to Boston in the next couple of days. We will not participate actively nor willingly in the madding crowds of consumerism. No family gift exchanging this year for us except for trinkets in our stockings. We'll indulge in family time, good wine and fine dinners at home and leave the buying and subsequent credit card debt to others and feel no regret.