sy Nine of Cups Holiday Newsletter 2016

2016, our 16th year aboard? Really? It's all gone by in a flash and we sometimes wonder where all the time went. Thank goodness we write blogs, keep journals and take lots of photos, otherwise we'd be sorely challenged to figure out just where we've been and what we've done for nearly two decades.

We'd left Nine of Cups in Trinidad at last year's end and returned to her in the early springtime. After lots of boat work and projects, we began the passage home. Cups had not been in American waters since 2007 and we were looking forward to being back in the USA once again.

We've had lots of adjustments to make now that we're back. I find myself forgetting that we don't have to provision for three months at a time … there are always grocery stores nearby. We have internet and phone service quite regularly and everyone speaks English.

As always, as we near the end of the year, our thoughts turn to the upcoming year and we wonder what adventures and challenges 2017 will hold for us. Plans? Well, we' really haven't made any. Downeast Maine and Maritime Canada seem appealing, but I guess we'll wait to see which way the wind blows and take it from there. Whatever we end up doing, we know it'll be wonderful and we hope you'll continue to sail along with us.

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