Valentine's Day 2013

sand valentine  

Let me interrupt this sailing adventure for a little romance. I'm a hopeless romantic. I admit it. I love chick flicks where girl meets boy, a little conflict ensues, they work everything out, sail off into the sunset and live happily ever after. Why not? That's MY life! I don't need roses and chocolates, just give me the romance and I'm a happy girl.


valentine heart


A little background on Valentine's Day (because you know how I am). It all began as a liturgical celebration for a Christian priest named Valentinus who was martyred by the Romans for performing weddings and ministering to Christians. It was actually during the Middle Ages when the tradition of courtly love was at its height that the day became associated with romantic love. I read somewhere that Geoffrey Chaucer mentioned it first in one of his poems. (We English majors know important things like this.) It evolved into a day for lovers to express themselves through flowers and candy and especially cards which became known as valentines and then Hallmark got hold of it and the rest is history.


handmade valentine gift


So, how do we celebrate the day aboard Nine of Cups? Well, it depends where we are. When we were anchored in a little cove in Patagonia, David whipped up a bead necklace as my valentine gift. I usually make something special for dinner … something David is particularly fond of. I'll make cupcakes with pink frosting; wear my red t-shirt … get in the spirit. If we have a bottle of champagne, we figure this is a good occasion to crack it open and celebrate love … just because we can.

Live a a little. It does your heart good! I'll be humming “My Funny Valentine” all day.

Back on track tomorrow!