Adelaide - The Hottest City on the Planet

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Remember how I was complaining about the cold a couple of weeks back when there were sub-zero temperatures and I was in Boston? And remember how I said I wouldn't complain about the heat because I was finally thawing out. Well, I lied. At the moment, I'm not only thawed … I'm melting.


temp readings


Record-breaking high temperatures for the area have us staying under cover with the fans constantly whirring and no escape from the wretched heat. No work is being done … we're lethargic and oh, so sweaty. We recorded a high temp of 117F/47C outside the boat today … 103F/39C down below. The local airport reported only 115F/46C, so perhaps we're exaggerating a bit. Still … a bit too hot for comfort. In fact, we read Adelaide was the hottest major city on the planet today.

Sometimes you just can't please a girl. Although I may be sweating, still, I'm not shoveling snow.