Angel Aboard

angel We don't have much wall space, hence we don't hang many things on our walls ... in the form of artwork anyway. We always make room for Angel though.

Angel has lived aboard Nine of Cups as long as we have. Actually, she's lived with us as long as we've lived together, about 30 years. She's the first thing moved into a new house or, in this case the boat, and the last thing moved out.

angel with her trumpet

She's a protector and a bringer of joy and a musician. You'll note she's always got her trumpet with her. Luckily she's quiet. No tooting while the crew is trying to sleep.

We tried to remember the other night where she came from. We couldn't. I'm sure I bought her for the holidays at one point, but she's been with us so long, the details of her arrival are now a mystery. Perhaps she just appeared. We're just not sure. She's painted wood and, despite having lived on the boat for nearly 13 years, she doesn't show her age. I wish the crew could make that same statement.

angel at christmas

We allow her to dress up at Christmas and for other important events. Sometimes she's adorned with crowns and wreaths, other times red-tailed tropic bird feathers or Aussie flags. Depends on her mood.

angel and her flags

There are certain things we have aboard that provide comfortable feelings...that make this boat not just a boat, but a home...our home. Angel is one of them. She's part of the past which has melded into the present. She's traveled the 70,000 miles across the sea with us and never complained a bit.

If we could just get her to stand watch, change the oil or do the dishes, it'd be really great!


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