Chore List Growing

No matter what port we're in or what we've accomplished in the last port, there always seems to be more chores on the list than the time we've allotted to them. Could be there are lots of chores … could be we're lazy. Whatever ... the chore list is growing and we're attacking it slowly. We want to make sure we don't run out of chores and get bored. luderitz chore list

We didn't break much on the trip here. Thank, Neptune! Heck, it was only 77 hours, not an ocean passage, so we were hoping we'd arrive in basically one piece and, thankfully, we did. We did break a sail slide which David has already repaired … downwind sailing with big gusts and waves is tough on the main. He's also been fiddling with the new Dyneema reefing lines which aren't quite right. He wants to add new fair leads to the bottom of the boom to raise the main sheet off the top of the bimini … we've noticed some chafe there.

The dreaded list of sewing repairs has gotten out of hand. The zipper broke on my foul weather bibs and needs replacing. Getting too chubby, you insinuate? Perish the thought … they're 15 years old and the plastic ziphead just snapped right off. David's broke, too, but his just require replacing the little lanyard on the pull-tab.

new zipper on bibs

I noticed that the stitching on the boom crutch cover has disintegrated with UV exposure over time, as have the covers for the handholds on the coach roof. All need restitching.

boom crutch cover

The outboard engine cover which is only a couple of years old is falling apart. David has lashed it with line till I get around to making a new one. I think it wasn't made as robustly as I thought it was and we have some thoughts on the replacement design.

outboard engine cover

David has also noticed some chafe on the forward hatch where the dinghy rests during passages. We need to make a chafe guard of some sort to take care of this.

The head hoses are starting to calcify and need some attention and the shaft brake was squeaking a bit during the last passage … enough to warrant an adjustment.

So … as you can see, the chores never end. BUT, we're in a charming little seacoast town in  Namibia … on a free mooring ... where people are very friendly,  skies tend to be blue and the days are mostly warm and sunny. Really … we have no complaints … but I guess we need to get busy.