Jet Lag, Hot Weather and Down Under

nine of cups in crown marina  

The 15-1/2 hour time difference has had me upside down for a day or two, but I'm recouping and it's beyond wonderful to be back. Leaving sub-zero temps and the snow in Boston was a challenge on many levels, but cold hands and feet and shoveling are now only a memory as I cope with the heat. The temperature has been hovering in the 90s/F (30s/C) and it's very dry. The forecast is calling for over 100F (38-43C) in the next few days. Luckily, it cools down in the evenings, especially on the water, and comfortable sleeping is not usually a problem. Typically, the mornings and evenings are calm and the wind blows 15-25 knots every afternoon. I'm not complaining. I'm able to go barefoot again.

Crown Marina, where Nine of Cups has been berthed since last February, is pretty, but quite basic. It's meant for local sailors to berth their boats and go home after short sailing trips as opposed to transients like us, who stay for awhile (or longer) and live aboard. The makeshift showers and toilets are in modular buildings and a long, long ways away ... out of the marina area, across a street and across the parking lot. Planning for bathroom activities takes forethought. There are no other amenities and doing laundry portends to be a hassle as David can readily verify. We do have water and electricity at the dock which is a big plus as I transition once again from the land of plenty to a world of moderation.


toilet buildings


Palm trees, filled to capacity some mornings with chirping birds, line the secure entrance walk from the parking lot to the dock area. There are several empty berths due in part to the summer sailing season and also to the fact that the marina is not totally finished. Seagulls and cormorants roam the docks and provide our morning wake-up call.


palm trees


The list of to-do chores on Nine of Cups is long and grows daily as we discover new issues to deal with on a boat that hasn't sailed in nearly a year. That said, as David plans the necessary repairs and maintenance to allow us to leave in February, I've been working on the “Things to See and Do in Adelaide Before We Leave” planning. Since I only spent three days here at the marina before leaving in a rush last February, the area is all new to me. David has only worked and done necessary errands during all of his time here, so it'll be an adventure for both of us to explore the city and its environs in the coming weeks.




You are, as always, invited to come along … as long as you're willing to pitch in on the chores. We'd love the company ... and the help. But now, it's time for a nap.