NFL Tasmania

playoffs denver-hobart 8800 miles

We were anchored in Port Arthur, ready to head to shore after a few chores, but found out the historic site was closed because of the bush fires. No was gray and windy with intermittent showers, so we were just as happy to stay aboard. David realized that the Denver Broncos were playing the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL playoffs today. In fact, looking at the world clock...they were playing NOW in Denver. We knew our son, Brad, was there....freezing and shivering in the sub-zero temps. It was snowing in Denver and the thermometers were reading -2F.




We were pleasantly surprised to have internet here in the anchorage. After much browsing, David found WBAL, Radio 1090AM, the voice of Baltimore was broadcasting the game. Here we were in Port Arthur, Tasmania listening to Baltimore radio announcers commenting on a football game in Denver, Colorado … nearly half a world away. “The game will be finished by 1100-1130 latest”, David murmured, settling into the nav station to armchair quarterback the game.

This was not a ho-hum, sip a cup of tea and half-listen kind of game. The Broncos had won 10 straight games and had beaten the Ravens handily during the regular season. The odds were in our favor. We listened with rapt attention as the score see-sawed back and forth between the two rivals. With seconds left in the final quarter, the Broncos led 35-28. We thought we had it clinched. Then a Hail Mary pass and a touchdown and the Ravens tied the score and it went into sudden death overtime. A whole new game! The adrenaline was flowing down-under as we listened. We yelled and screamed as if we were there.

No way we were heading to the historic site at this moment. No score in the first quarter of overtime. The ball shuffled back and forth. Penalties, interceptions, fumbles... finally Baltimore was in field goal range...all it would take to win the game. We knew the rookie Baltimore kicker couldn't possibly make this 48 yard field goal in the freezing cold … but he did. Denver lost … by three points. Oh, what disappointment... but what a heart-stopping, gut-wrenching game. Despite the loss, we enjoyed listening and appreciated just a bit of home from 8,800 miles away.


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