Power Outage and iPad

A quiet night, but those wretched west winds returned just after dawn and blasted through the marina once again, providing us with significant rolling action in the salon. We held onto our coffee cups rather tightly for the duration of the day. The wind backed in late afternoon and instead of the warmer west winds, icy cold Antarctic bullets shot us with gusts to 45 knots. It knocked down some trees near the marina evidently because we were without power for nearly six hours...like being at anchor. Using our new iPad, we're able to SKYPE on board. This is a great improvement from earlier days where we had to walk a mile to find a telephone booth and then figure out how to dial overseas and which coins needed to be deposited for the call. Not only could I sit in the comfort of the salon in my PJs and talk to friends and family, since it was computer-to-computer, it was free. How good is that? The advantage of the i-Pad is that it doesn't require headphones like the laptop and it has video. Hmmm...come to think of it, in my PJs, hair all mussed... the video part was probably not an improvement.