So much for the gentle nature of Neptune

What did I say about this calm, placid anchorage? Did I say it was mill-pond smooth? Did I say we barely hear the gentle whir of the wind gens cranking out amps? Did I say David figured out the problem with VHF mike? Did I say it was warm and sultry? Well...I take it all back! Yesterday morning, the wind gen started making a creaking, squeaking sound...not good. David took it down immediately and found a loose magnet was the culprit. He epoxied it back in place, but it had to “cure” before the wind gen could be put back together and remounted on its starboard pole.

We listened yesterday afternoon as the radio weather forecast called for 10-15 knot winds and “no wind warnings for the Derwent Estuary” as we were nearly blown away by 40 knot winds, not gusts, but winds, that kept the boat rocking and reeling as it kept up with the bay waves. Today's forecast called for 20-25 knot winds. Aha...that accounts for the 55 knot gusts and 40 knot winds we experienced throughout the day. For you landlubbers, 55 knots is 63 mph winds or 100+ kph. That's a whole heap of wind. With the wind has come cooler temps. Goodbye, summer! It was good while it lasted.

We waited for a slight lull to mount the wind gen again. David has to straddle the mounting pole while standing atop the stern rails and lift it up over his head to remount it. It's tough enough when the boat is still; a rocking boat adds another dimension of excitement, but he managed. Then, of course, there's been too much wind to turn it back on!

And then there's the VHF cockpit radio mike. Juan, at Standard Horizon headquarters in California, has been excellent, e-mailing back and forth with David.

“It's a fuse.”

“Nope, checked it out, the fuse is okay. Next?”

“It's probably the widgit.”

“Nope, I checked the widgit already; it's okay.”

“What about the whats-it? “

“Checked the voltage there...the whats-it is just fine.”

“Unfortunately, you'll have to send it back.”

BZZZZZZT! (read that as the wrong answer buzzer sound you hear on quiz shows!)

Moving right along...this placid, smooth-as-a-mill pond anchorage has been transformed into a white-capped, foaming, spray-strewn bay. Cups is swinging back and forth on her anchor and probably thinks she's at sea. I had just commented in an email that Neptune was being gentle with us on our first days out. So much for the gentle nature of Neptune. He and Aeolus have taken us to task for being away so long, I think.

We are thankful, however, that we're able to regain our sea legs without having to go to sea.