Sorry to disappoint you, but...

Sometimes we've just had enough. David's definitely tougher than I am. A decade ago, I could handle the rough seas and the seasickness and the lameness I felt after a poor sleep and laugh them off when I got to port. A good hot shower washed it all away. Not any more. I'm tired of it all. This last passage was difficult for me and I've decided that I'm through with sailing. I said I'd sail until it wasn't fun any more. Well, it's not fun any more. Sorry to disappoint you all, but we're swallowing the anchor. We'll just sell the boat here and fly home and start all over again on land or …. april-fools_2868232b

NOT! Happy April Fool's Day. Did we get you??? No, we're not swallowing the anchor yet. We've got an ocean of adventure to look forward to.

Here's a great website featuring the best April Fool's hoaxes of all time.