Taking a Boat Day

Sometimes it's nice to just stay on the boat for no reason at all. We had a great inland travel trip. We've been keeping up pretty well with our chores and no longer feel overwhelmed. All the A-list, must-do-before-we-leave repairs that can be done, are done. David's even tackled several of the B-list chores … like refinishing and re-gilding the nameboards. I've cleaned, baked, cooked, written, washed and scrubbed. I even got a head start on our 2014 IRS tax returns. Our new staysail and repaired genoa were delivered yesterday, but it's been too windy to hoist them. It's tolerably warm and humid, grey and overcast with intermittent showers. Today, we decided would be a good day for a boat day. About a week ago, while we were still traveling, we got word from our oldest son that he and his wife had a couple of weeks hiatus and they wanted to visit us in South Africa. Really? Outstanding! They arrive next week and want to do some traveling with us. We've made some plans. We need to prepare for their visit and we're excited about their arrival. Yes, they're bringing more boat parts. (Duh!) They'll be work to do after they leave to prepare for our passage to Cape Town ... but that's then and this is now.

Today  is a chill-out, no boat chores, read if you want, write a little, chat, play cards, watch a movie, go out to dinner kind of day. No muss; no fuss; no scheds; no pix.

It's good to catch our collective breaths once in awhile, sigh contentedly and just be. That's us today.