You Know You're Back Aboard Your Boat When...

crown marina  

  • You've stubbed your toe at least twice in two days.
  • You are wearing one or more bandaids because you managed to cut yourself, at least once, on something and get blood all over, but you're not quite sure what it was.
  •  In addition to the cuts above, you can compare black and blue marks with your fellow crew mates while drinking sundowners.
  •  You've lost at least one thing overboard and used the f-bomb to commemorate the moment.
  •  You've forgotten your towel and/or your comb when going to the marina shower.
  •  Something has toppled over and crashed onto the floor because you forgot that boats, unlike houses, tend to rock.
  •  Your fingernails are filthy with diesel oil, marine adhesive, marine caulk … and dirt. And after you clean them, they'll be the same way tomorrow.
  •  All flat surfaces are covered with boat parts and tools.
  •  You can't find the flush lever for the toilet and then remember you have to pump manually.
  •  You get seasick when the wind comes up or a big trawler goes by and the boat starts rocking.
  •  Varnish and epoxy smell really good.
  •  Bilge smells do not smell good, but after a day you can't smell them any more.
  •  You have to refill the water tanks every third day because you forget to shut off the water when you're brushing your teeth.

Got any good ones to add?