More Signs - Las Vegas

There are so many unique, sometimes bizarre, things to photograph in Las Vegas that I'm afraid to leave the house without my camera for fear I'll miss something. I've been collecting interesting signs for years, but I've doubled my collection just since June while living in Las Vegas. And, of course, I love to share. Check these out.  

motel 6 poo


Motel 6 Poo …. When consonants go missing




Chippendales … Oh, my


do not hump


No Humping … This is a method of sorting/directing railroad cars in the yard. What were you thinking?


shoot a machine gun


Shoot a machine gun … Better here than anywhere else!


pest control


Spider sign – World's largest black widow spider … gives me goose bumps just thinking of it.


octopus sign


Octopus – Catchy sign at Shark Reef, Mandalay Bay


wear respectable underwear


Respectable underwear – Just in case you have an accident and have to go to the hospital … one of Mom's rules!


big apple rollercoaster


Roller coaster – I prefer to keep my lunch intact and my underwear respectable.


sauropod eggs


Sauropod eggs – a highlight of the Las Vegas Natural History Museum


harmful to sharks


Especially fingers – Yes, fingers are definitely not good for a shark's diet, not to mention the kid who's missing them.