Zombies in Las Vegas?

Zombies … long dead corpses that have been re-animated and walk amongst us. It was inevitable that if there are zombies out there, they'd head for Las Vegas. We'd seen ads for the Zombie Burlesque, after all. If they're starring in burlesque shows, you gotta know there are more of them out there. I've tried a zombie cocktail in the past, but we've never met a real zombie … only seen them in movies. You know, Night of the Living Dead and World War Z among others. It was time we met a few. We headed to the Zombie Apocalypse Store. When I say Las Vegas has everything, I really mean it. Where else would you go?

zombie apocolypse store

Okay, I readily admit I'm a wimp when it comes to horror movies and scary stuff. I close my eyes during the gory parts, which for some movies ends up being for an hour or more. Still, I was interested in seeing what was on offer and besides, David was there to protect me. I confess I had to refer to the Zombiepedia and do a little research before heading there. I like to be prepared.

zombie preparedness

When we arrived, there were zombies in the parking lot which had obviously been killed and sent to the taxidermist because though they were life-like, they were quite stiff and I felt confident enough to have my picture taken with one. After all, this is a survival store. Where better to be audacious?

marcie and zombie

Bob greeted us when we entered, gave me permission to take pictures and showed us around. There's lots to see … everything from all things Zombie souvenirs to survival gear including gas masks, body armor and ammunition … the real thing. There were Zombie killer knives and Zombie killer brain saws and hammers. I didn't feel too guilty about killing them since they were already dead once. Using a brain saw might be out of the question for me though.

zombie hammer wall

We chuckled over the some of the book titles. There was Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. And the classic children's book … Pat the Zombie. Then there was the bumper sticker: Humans … the Other White Meat.

pride prejudice and zombies

For 75 cents, David had a chance to shoot some zombies. He was good … 14 hits … very reassuring for when the apocalypse descends upon us.

firing range

We also could have incinerated a zombie for $1, but 14 zombie kills in one day seemed more than enough for novices. All in all, a fun diversion although it might not be appropriate for young kids.

incinerate a zombie

My research indicates that Nevada is the 8th most likely of the US states to survive a zombie apocalypse. That's not bad, but knowing that we're heading back to Australia and out to sea in a few weeks is such a relief! I've got it on good authority that zombies don't sail or swim!