Farewell, Esperance

esperance view  

We've been in Esperance a week. In addition to all those chores and repairs David outlined and completed, the huge loads of laundry we did and the re-provisioning trips, we've also had the chance to do quite a bit of touring and sightseeing. I told you there'd be compromises between work and fun!

Without a doubt, the Great Ocean Drive and the LeGrand National Park top the list of to-do's here.


le grand view


As always though, it's the people that we meet who make the difference and saying goodbye is one of our least favorite things we do. We are always amazed and grateful for the unbridled generosity that we receive from people we've never met before. Time to say farewell. During the short time we've been here, we've met some very hospitable, lovely, outgoing people. Del and Mark on Norlee were wonderful to us. We shared cocktails, lunch, dinner, morning coffee, rides to the “bolt” shop, their car, their friendship … thanks! Sue … It's great to know that it's just not our mothers who read our daily blogs (and perhaps not even them!). Please keep reading and keep in touch.


del mark and sue aboard


Fay and Fud Mackenzie … of the famed Mackenzie mob … thanks for your hospitality and show of friendship to absolute strangers. What a splendid couple! All the folks at the ultra-friendly Esperance Bay Yacht Club.


yacht club


Thanks for letting us use the club mooring gratis (wow!). Thanks for taking the time to stop by and say hello. Thanks for being so welcoming to visiting Yanks.




As if to cheer us on our way, the local seal celebrity, Sammy, appeared in the shallow water off the yacht club as we made our last trip ashore.


sammy the seal


With E/SE winds forecast, we're once again heading west. Next anchorage, Bremer Bay, we think. Next port of call: Albany. Come on. Take your Stugeron, get on some warm, comfy clothes, and join us for the next leg of our trip. We'd really enjoy your company.