Heading to Eyre, W. Australia

eucla to daw  

Yes, we've once again strayed off the beaten path. We were anchored in Eucla that first blustery day, but discovered we had excellent internet. David was looking at the proposed passage from Eucla to Daw Island, 300 nm, and wondering if there wasn't some way of breaking up the trip. He noticed a possible anchorage in Eyre near the Eyre Bird Observatory. The information we found was too sketchy to rely upon. Researching the Observatory on-line, he found an e-mail address for the volunteer caretakers, sent them an e-mail inquiring about the anchorage there and lo and behold, we had an answer within hours from Kirsty and Gavin. They actually got in touch with a local cray fisherman and were able to provide anchorage depths and entrance coordinates to maneuver around the sand bar which provides protection to the bay.

To enhance our decision to head to Eyre, we happened to meet Rasa at the Eucla Motor Hotel restaurant who ferried us to her home where her partner, Paul, 27-year Great Australian Bight veteran fisherman, gave us more information . The weather forecast seemed to be cooperating AND the passage was only 170 miles … an overnight and two long days. To add icing to the cake, the Eyre Bird Observatory is the most isolated research facility in Australia and is home to 240 species of birds including two rare species, Major Mitchell Cockatoos and the unique Mallee Fowl which incubates its eggs in mounds of leaf litter and sand. Sign us up!


eyre bird observatory



eucla to eyre


So, we're off to Eyre to see what we can see. Being at the eastern most point of the Western Australia time zone, dawn comes around 0530 which allowed us an early start. Of course, on the other end of the day, it'll be dark by 6pm. Hope all goes well and we're reporting to you from the Eyre Observatory before you know it.