Looking Up

Ever since I saw snakes in the bush, I tend to look down when I walk in grassy areas. It's the prudent thing to do here. I walked back up to The Inn again this morning. It has been an object of discovery for me over the past several days. Whenever I need a break from writing or boat work, I traipse up the hill and just take a look around. There seems to be something new to see each day. This morning I happened to look up for a change. It was so cold, I figured the snakes would be sluggish so early in the day. Lo and behold there was a dragon perched on the Inn's chimney. A winged, clawed, ferocious -looking beast with a long, scaly, spade-tipped tail that curled around the chimney top. I'm assuming he was cold and needed to warm up a bit. I'm pleased he wasn't interested in setting up shop on the top of our mast.