Up the Hill and Through the Looking Glass

It was so quiet last night, I couldn't sleep. NOT! It was blessedly calm, but cold and we hunkered down under the covers and slept like lambs … or at least old sheep.

It remained gray and overcast throughout the day. We putzed around, each engrossed in our own projects, until we needed to clear our heads. We walked up to the hotel which sits on the hill behind the marina. The Oyster Cove Inn has a rather illustrious history. It was originally built c.1890 by a British plantation owner, Alfred Cotton, for his family's holiday home. Today it's a hotel, pub, restaurant and bottle store (liquor store). The grounds are dotted with a rather eclectic group of wood sculptures including a collection of Lewis Carroll characters which don't seem to fit, but which were most enjoyable to discover . Despite the overcast skies, I took pictures. Sailor/photographer's rule #1: Even though it's close, you never know when you'll get back again.