In the news...something besides politics

Despite our crazy daily schedule of packing, moving, installing, painting, cleaning, assembling and generally keeping ourselves occupied with a new house, I've been trying to keep up with the news by reading the newspaper that's delivered to our sidewalk each and every morning. I'd say it's delivered rain or shine, but usually there's only shine. Las Vegas paperboys have an easy job of it. The primaries and caucuses have taken the spotlight in the news and, quite honestly, it's getting old. There have also been all the regular, uplifting stories that capture the front page headlines in Las Vegas: Pedestrians killed by drunk driver, crazy woman kills her lover, graft and corruption in the gambling industry. But beyond all that, I find wonderful little nuggets of information and/or good news that seems to be hidden in the back of Sections B, C and D.

For instance, first grade students celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday by reading to animals at the SPCA. The animals seems to enjoy it as much as the kids did. And there was an article on teddy bears. The first was created in 1902 and named after President Teddy Roosevelt. There was a wonderful article on keeping chickens as pets … maybe not on a boat. It discussed the rules concerning keeping chickens and the best breeds for family pets, egg laying and meat (did I say pet?).

best chickens for pets

One full-page ad asked if I was “looking for a medical marijuana dispensary?” I'm not, but Nevada has legalized medicinal pot and Euphoria/Wellness (yes, that's the name) offers “the biggest variety of flowers, concentrates, pre-rolls and edibles.” How about that? They also offer free express delivery valley-wide.


There was also another article, on a more serious note, which explained “Why We Need Immigrants” in the USA. In light of the political controversy, it was very informational.

why we need immigrants

And most exciting? The World Championship of Sign Spinning competitions was held in Downtown Las Vegas. I would never have believed that those energetic corner buskers gathered together to spin their stuff.

sign spinners

I guess what I'm saying is that if you look for it, you find all sorts of good pieces of information that are newsworthy. I'm not an Alice in Wonderland kind of girl, but it's certainly pleasant to read an article that's uplifting and positive once in awhile.